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Maurice Sendak Class

Welcome to Sendak Class

Giving during Lent

Today, our head boy and head girl delivered our clothes donations to the charity shop.  They also went to a nursing home to deliver the lovely Easter cards that we made during our stay and create session for Lent.

Stations of the Cross

We observed the stations of the cross today.  Our station focused on when Jesus met his mother – we explored all the things we loved about the female role models in our lives.  We also focused on when Jesus was stripped of his clothes; we brought in clothing donations for the clothes bank to depict this station.  We also wrote a reflective prayer

Fleetwood Town Player Visit

Today, two Fleetwood Town players visited our class to talk about resilience and overcoming challenge!  We had a wonderful afternoon - thank you for your support.

World Book Day 2024

For World Book Day, we enjoyed parading our costumes in the hall - it was lovely to see what everyone chose to be!  We then worked with the year 1 children; we read them our favourite story and then planned our own activities to go alongside it!  What a successful World Book Day!

Science Day 2024

To start science week off, we took part in a carousel of activities across KS2.  We made slime, lava lamps and explosive rockets!  We talked about the chemical reactions taking place in each experiment.  In the afternoon, we worked on our Engineering Fairy Tales STEM knowledge and created a 20 second timer so Cinderella could get home from the ball on time.

International Women’s Day 2024 


Today, the girls had the opportunity to take part in an International Women’s Day workshop at Fleetwood Town. The aim of the event was to empower and engage women in employment and talk about opportunities available in the town.  We spoke to: the police, a midwife, girls footballer/coach, hair and beauty specialist, the civil service, mental health worker, Victrex, Postcards Community Trust, a physiotherapist and then we did some little exercises. 


Thank you for Fleetwood Town for inviting us; we’ve had a lovely afternoon.

Stay and paint

Thank you to our lovely parents who came to our stay and paint session today.  We made lovely cards to distribute to different nursing homes for Easter.

Stations of the Cross

We've started our Stations of the Cross journey - a few children will attend Church this week to take part in stations.  You are all welcome to join each Thursday if you wish.

ECO Team Planting

We've planted some new flowers in the peace garden.  We can't wait to watch them grow!

Crucial Crew – YMCA

Today, we had the opportunity to take part in a Crucial Crew workshop at YMCA Lofthouse building. It was ‘crucial’ to take part in this workshop to help support our transition to high school and the wider world.


We took part in CPR delivered by the ambulance service; we learnt all about carbon monoxide in the home (we even received our own detector to take home!). We also learnt about drugs, alcohol, and vaping, we spoke to Lancashire fire and rescue service about road safety including E-bikes and E-scooters.


We moved on to speaking to the police and our session was about anti-social behaviour. We even got the opportunity to try on some handcuffs, police hats and try out the baton! Finally, we listened carefully to a talk from the national coast watch before taking part in a boxing session with Sean! We’ve had a great day!

Mindful Yoga

We started off the half term with some relaxing Yoga - it helped us to think about how to tackle the next few weeks with calm.

Live Q&A with Malorie Blackman

This morning in English, we had the chance to take part in a live Q&A with Malorie Blackman, the author of the book we're reading - Pig Heart Boy.  She gave us an insight into what it is like to be a successful author and she also talked to us about where her inspirations came from and the challenges she has faced.  A very informative and enjoyable session.

Internet Safety Week

This year the theme is 'Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online'  We created our own TV adverts to mark the occasion.

Swimming Gala 2024

Come Dine With Me - Homework Project

What an amazing turnout for our Come Dine with me homework project!  Thank you to all our wonderful families who took part.  We loved looking at your home come dine with me experiences and we loved tasting some of the dishes!

French Day

During our French day, we visited the French Cafe and asked for food, we learnt different colours and played bingo, we sung, 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French and we also learnt all about clothing!  Thank you for taking part! 

Young Writers Competition

We entered a Young Writers Competition and here are our winners!  Congratulations!  We are proud of you!

Come Dine With Me - Our DT Topic

Our DT topic this half term is cooking!  We have carried out some research on different recipes for starters, main courses and desserts.  We then decided as a class which dishes, we were going to make before gathering the ingredients to make them!  We split into three different groups and worked as a team to prepare each individual dish so we could then sit down and share our hard work.

Pig Heart Boy - Writing a Balanced Argument

In English, we are reading the book Pig Heart Boy.  Throughout the book, we notice that the main character needs an organ transplant.  We have discussed what this means and the question, 'Should organ donation be compulsory in the UK?' arose.  We decided to write a balanced argument to debate this.

Indoor Athletics Competition 2024

We took part in the 2024 Indoor Athletics Competition and we performed to the best of our ability.  We showed resilience and determination and great leadership skills.  We supported each other and had fun along the way!

Stress & Coping Strategies - Fleetwood Town


In todays HeadStart session with Fleetwood Town, we talked about different things that cause us stress and how we can use coping strategies to support our mental health.


The Planetarium visited school today to engage us further in science.  During the session, we learned about the sun, Earth, the moon, and space.  We learnt about the NASA space mission to the moon and how the space rockets are built and sustained. 

Maths Challenge

Today, we worked in partners on our fraction problem solving!  We challenged ourselves with different level questions and highlighted the important parts before even attempting it!  We worked so hard!

Rugby & Reading

Today, we started our Rugby & Reading scheme.  We started off by taking part in a reading session followed by a game of Rugby.  We can't wait for our skills in both areas to be developed.  

Science - Heart & Lung Dissecting

Thank you to Cardinal Allen for coming into school this morning to support our science topic.  They were able to lead a session on heart and lung dissecting.  This enabled the children to see up close the components of the heart and the lung!  A very interesting, practical session.

The Miracle of the Loaves - Jesus the Bread of Life

In our lesson today, we spoke about our spiritual and physical needs and how Jesus can support us with these.  We conducted a TV interview with a person from the crowd when they witnessed Jesus turning three loaves and two fish into food that could feed the 5,000 gathered to worship him. 

Mad Science TV Performance!

In Science, we've created our own Mad Science TV show that teaches children all about the circulatory system!

The Circulatory System Project Homework

The children enjoyed making their own creations for the circulatory system homework!  We had a range of projects from game show quizzes, 3D models, fact files, leaflets and practical equipment!  A huge well done to everyone involved!  We loved showcasing these in class today!

Random act of Kindness

Thank you to Alex for his random act of kindness - at home, he has taken it upon himself to give back to the community by making reindeer food and giving it away in return for food for the foodbank!  What a wonderful thing to do!  We are so proud of you Alex!

Fleetwood Town 

Thank you very much to Fleetwood Town for our Christmas selection boxes!

Glow in the dark dodgeball 

Voltage Experiment 

In science, we experimented with voltage.  We wanted to find out whether the bulb would be brighter with a higher voltage and whether the buzzer would be louder with a higher voltage.  

Christmas Breakfast & Secret Santa