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In preparation for PSHE becoming statutory in September 2020 under the Children and Social Work Act 2017, including Relationships Education at key stages 1 and 2 and Health Education in Primary 

we began by reviewing our current PSHE curriculum.  We decided that a more structured comprehensive programme that integrated the statutory content and included a broader programme covering economic wellbeing, careers, and enterprise education, as well as education for personal safety, was required.


It was important for our children to have opportunities to reflect on their learning, especially when that learning relates directly to their individual identity – their personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes, achievements, and influences. We felt that it was important for teachers to feel confident that learning within this subject had taken place, to be able to demonstrate progress, and to identify future learning needs.


It was also essential that all those invested in our children could see the impact PSHE education would have on our children and for whole-school outcomes. In conjunction with our PSHE curriculum, we decided to remap our entire curriculum and place PSHE at the heart of our foundation.



The purpose of our curriculum is to inspire all children to acquire knowledge and skills and to ignite a lifelong love of learning. We celebrate the cultural capital that our community brings to learning and build on this to broaden children’s understanding of the world. Our commitment to providing equality of opportunity ensures that rich experiences and enhancements are embedded throughout the curriculum.



EYFS - In the Foundation Stage, PSHE and citizenship is taught as an integral part of topic work and is embedded throughout the curriculum. The objectives taught are the Personal, Social, and Emotional Development statements from ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ and the PSED Early Learning Goals.


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – 

At Key Stages 1 and 2, PSHE is personalised, planned, and illustrated through our PSHE/RSE Curriculum Maps. Lessons are supported using the PSHE & SCARF scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum.  Assessment outcomes and questionnaire findings have helped mold our curriculum priorities and focus on the needs of our children.

We ensure we cover the Health and Well-Being, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World Learning Opportunities set out in the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study, which also complements our RSE Dioceses scheme of work and covers the statutory Health Education and Relationships Education guidance. 


Children are taught PSHE supported with ‘Scarf and PSHE Association’ materials, along with a range of enrichment and enhancement opportunities planned throughout the year that provide a more practical and realistic setting to support children’s understanding.

Our aims are to prepare our children for life, helping them to know and value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world. There is a strong emphasis on emotional Literacy, building resilience, and nurturing mental and physical health. It includes mindfulness (Healthy Heads) to allow children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration, and focus.


Impact on Children:

  • Children apply knowledge and skills across all subjects
  • They understand that the knowledge they learn and the skills they develop will help them in their future
  • Children are able to approach a range of real-life situations and apply their skills and attributes to help navigate themselves through modern life
  • They will be on their way to becoming healthy, open-minded, respectful, socially and morally responsible, and active members of society
  • Children appreciate difference and diversity
  • They recognise and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual respect, Rule of law, and Liberty
  • They are able to look after their mental health and well-being
  • They are able to develop a positive, healthy relationship with their peers both now and in the future
  • They understand the physical aspects involved in RSE at an age-appropriate level
  • The children have respect for themselves and others.
  • The children have a positive self-esteem
  • We encourage our children to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. We challenge all of our pupils to look for opportunities to show the school values of faith, hope, and love.                                                                                                                  


Impact on Attainment and Progress

  • The curriculum demands the best possible outcomes in PSHE from every child
  • From each individual child’s starting point, progress is evident


Evaluation and Impact on our Curriculum

  • Subjects are taught discretely to ensure specific concepts are the focus. Links are made across curriculum subjects so that skills can be applied in different contexts where possible
  • PSHE, including SMSC and BV, is an integral part of the whole school curriculum


Evaluation of Our Impact on Our World

  • Our children are inspired to achieve their full potential; have their voices heard and effect change
  • Assemblies are linked to PSHE, British Values and SMSC and are linked to our school Values

PSHE, BV and SMSC displays throughout school reinforce the PSHE curriculum




St. Mary's Values Ambassadors 2022.23

Revised PSHE Curriculum Map for 2022.23

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Children's Mental Health Week 2023 - 6th - 12th February 2023

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Spring Term 2023 Newsletter

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Autumn II 2022 Enhancement and Enrichment Additional Activities

Enhancement and Enrichment Planner Autumn I Term 2022

PSHE Autumn I Newsletter

Year 6 Mental Health Transition Programme - Lesson 1


Spring Term 2022 Planned Enjoyment and Enrichment Activities


Autumn Term 2021 Enrichment and Enhancement Planner

An afternoon of friendship making and football


Ten year 6 children were chosen to represent St. Mary's at the Headstart Transition Tournament at Poolfoot this afternoon. The aim of the event was to bring year 6 children together from across local primary schools to help them get to know one another in readiness for high school. The children played several matches, on mixed school teams. It was a fabulous afternoon and the children benefitted greatly. A huge thankyou to the Fleetwood Town Community Trust for organising such a fantastic event. 

The King's Coronation lunch

Eid al-Fitr


To celebrate Eid, the celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, Shelly Woods class enjoyed some special treats. 

Respect and Responsibility


Our PSHE topic for this half term is respect and responsibility. Today we looked at two different articles about the same topic to compare fact, opinion and bias. We discussed how bias might effect what we believe when looking at information online for example. 

Fleetwood's Footballing Finest 


We had some very special visitors in our class today. Two Fleetwood town players, Callum Dolan and Dylan Boyle, came in to talk to the children about their football careers. The children were able to question them about overcoming challenge, being resilient and highs and lows of their profession. The children were hooked, really taking on board everything they were saying. A huge thank you to Rachel, Callum and Dylan for giving up their time to make our afternoon extra special.   

Happy International Women's Day!


To acknowledge International Women's Day, Woods class has a discussion about the importance of embracing equity - for all people (whatever their gender) around the world. We then wrote a note of appreciation to an inspirational woman in our life. 

You can find MAGIC wherever you look.

Sit back and relax,

all you need is a book!

Dr Seuss

It was the 1st 'Reading Nook' for KS1 today and what a success it was! The parents came into class to read to the children and to share their love of reading.

In PSHE King Class have been reflecting upon their own self-belief and thinking about all the things they are good at.



To mark the end of Children's Mental Health Week, the children were invited to wear their scarf to school today. This represents the SCARF PSHE scheme that we follow in school. 

Valentines disco

Mental Health Week 2023 in Holmes Class The theme for this Children's Mental Health week is 'Time to Talk' and that is why Holmes class created an environment where talking is always welcome. The children took part in different activities that encouraged them to talk; creating gratitude flowers, making friendship bracelets for their peers, sharing and enjoying shared stories between teachers and their peers including popular fables and quite simply, just chatting with their teachers! Something that is often missed but incredibly vital. What a beautiful session.

King Class had a yoga class today where they stretched, balanced and relaxed.

Chinese New Year - thank you so much to Samuel's mum for providing us with these lovely gifts. We have loved speaking about each zodiac sign and the origins of Chinese New Year.

Healthy heads in King Class-The children learnt about the different feelings we have and what makes them unique .

The Christmas Nativity- It was a joy to see the children's confidence grow as they practised their play, we are so proud of them all.

The joy of giving


The true meaning of Christmas has been deeply felt in our class this morning. To start our day, the children enjoyed a magical graze breakfast. They sat together and shared an abundance of delicious treats and nibbles. We then opened our much awaited Secret Santa gifts. It was a truly beautiful moment. Many of the children were overjoyed to see the gifts they had chosen being so well received, before even opening their own gift. The smiles on their faces said it all, there is nothing like the joy of giving.   

FTFC Charity Mission 

We are proud to support Fleetwood Town in their mission to make 500-1000 food hampers for our community this Christmas.  We hope we can make a slight difference in transforming someone's Christmas. 

Christmas jumper day.

A big well done to King Class Eco Warriors, William and Emilia who will help Mrs Higham and the team keep our school eco friendly.

Congratulations to our new Eco-Warriors, Buster & Roman. They have been voted by the whole class to represent Year 1 at the upcoming Eco-Warrior meetings!

Shelly Woods Class - FTFC - Mental Health

Our lesson today was about giving back to the community and helping others.  We spoke about how good it feels to give back to society and how we are going to support FTFC with their charity collection mission - creating hampers for our local environment for Christmas.

Fleetwood Lantern Parade - St Mary's families joined the Fleetwood community with other schools as the Christmas lights were switched on.

This week for 'Anti-Bullying Week' King Class worked with Mrs Koro discussing how we are all different but we are are also all equal.

The Fire Brigade came to visit King Class today to tell us about having a safety plan at home. They got called away on a real emergency call near the end of our visit and we could hear their sirens as they bravely drove to help someone.

In King Class we have been reflecting upon why we wear poppies on Remembrance Day and how we remember the soldiers who fought for us.

We Will Remember 

In PSHE this week King Class have been discussing different feelings, different words to describe them and helpful ways we could help with other's feelings.

King Class had a visit from a vet today to help us learn how to look after our pets.

For 'Oceans of plastic' week King Class learnt all about how plastic pollution spoils our oceans and how it endangers the sea wildlife. We then made posters about it.

L'est we forget 


In preparation for Remembrance Day, the children have been selling poppies at break time. This will be discussed in the coming days and members of Shelly Woods class will be asked to represent our school at the remembrance event this Sunday. 

King Class have been learning about who helps us in and out of school.

Fleetwood Town PSHE in Shelly Woods Class

During our session with Fleetwood Town today for our PSHE lesson, we have focused on 'The 5 ways to wellbeing.'  Throughout this session we talked about how important it is to show ourselves some self-care as well as sharing our time with others. 

The life bus and Harold came to visit King Class today to talk about their feelings and friendships.

King Class celebrated Black History Month this week by listening to the story 'Coming to England' by Floella Benjamin which was a true story of how she travelled from Trinidad to England when she was a child and what experiences she had. We then discussed how unique we all are. how we should be kind to everyone and drew ourselves and our friends differences.

Shelly Woods Class - Coram Life Education Bus - Decisions 

Our session with Coram life education was about decisions.  We talked about decisions we might have to make in life, peer pressure and some consequences related to decisions we make.

PSHE - Fleetwood Town FC

Today's session was all about stress and how we can manage it.  We spoke about what might make us stressed then talked about stres management techniques.