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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other


At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education is embedded within our

overarching curriculum that prepares our children for many different aspects of their lives.  

Our overall goal is to help our children to become well-rounded individuals with strong character, who will eventually go out into the world of adults and be actively and positively involved in society.   In order to do this, we are striving to create a conducive environment around the school and this year we have created our own specific Personal Development Curriculum that is entwined with our academic curriculum.

Our curriculum aims to provide engagement and enrichment and through this, we aim for all children to have equal opportunities to thrive together.  

Year 4 Maths - calculating the perimeter

Year 4 discussed the meaning of a polygon, as well as what regular and irregular polygons look like. The children created their own shape using masking tape, measured each side and then calculated the perimeter. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lionni Class

Hughes Class- Year 1


Hughes Class have been busy working on their place value skills. The children have used lot’s of practical resources to help them and they can now add two, 2-digit numbers together. Well done Hughes Class, you are all maths superstars! 

Sendak Maths Challenge

Today, we worked in partners on our fraction problem solving!  We challenged ourselves with different level questions and highlighted the important parts before even attempting it!  We worked so hard!

Luionni Class have been learning all about 2D & 3D shapes and their properties.

Briggs Class...

This half term the children have been looking at numbers, 2D shapes and positional language.

The Division Competition

Today, we worked in pairs to answer as many division questions as possible.  We put our remainders into fractions and decimals!  What a competition! 

A Maths Carousel - Prime numbers, square numbers, cube numbers and order of operations 

In maths today, we worked with our talking partners to work on our problem solving skills involving prime, cube and square numbers.  

Maths Potter Class

During this term we have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction. We have done this through our workbook, mentally and practically. They have all enjoyed doing practical math's to enhance their learning.

Maurice Sendak Class: Factors & Common Factors 

Lionni Class- Place Value- Number bonds to 10 & 20.

Year 1- Shirley Hughes Class

At the start of year 1, Shirley Hughes Class were thinking about numbers and place value. We have now moved on (although we are ALWAYS thinking about numbers and place value) and we are looking at addition fact families and subtraction. We are really thinking about what +, - and = mean and how we use these signs in maths. We continue to do lots of activities using concrete resources to support our understanding of the part, part, whole models and number bonds to 10. 

Year 5/6 Maths Revision Challenge


Our Maths lesson today involved working in pairs to complete a fractions, decimals and percentage challenge. The aim was to complete the task as quickly and accurately as possible.  As always, the children rose to the challenge. 

Daley Class Maths

Here are some pictures of how we do Maths in EYFS.

Maths in Year 1

Introducing equal groups in Year 1 - can you and your partner roll the dice and make two equal groups?

Counting in 2s

Sorting objects into different criteria

Using Numicon to make different representations of numbers to 50

Making groups of ten to help us count in tens

Naming 2D and 3D shapes & using these shapes to help us create repeating patterns.

Maths in Year 2

Statistics in King Class- We collected data in class today to make a tally chart then used the information collected to make a pictogram of our favourite fruit. We then played a game to collect data and made our own pictograms in groups.

King Class have been learning about money, the value of coins and how to make amounts.

Making 3D shapes and comparing their properties.

King Class have been learning all about the properties of 2D &3D shapes.

King Class have been learning how to find fractions of amounts.

Subtraction in King Class