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Science Week 2022

Year 4 - Lego Creative Builders

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed meeting Stephen from Creative Builders and getting creative with building their own Lego city. The children began with their creating building, then their land and then working with others on their table to create a city using the road sections, trees, boats etc and linking it to our Science knowledge of Electricity. We finished by turning the lights off and lighting up the cities.

Electro City LEGO Builders Workshop

This morning, Shackleton Class were lucky enough to take part in Electro City LEGO Builders workshop - what fun we had!  We built our own LEGO city, complete with parks, beaches, cars, trees etc and it even included lights!  We linked this workshop to our electricity topic as a WOW starter!  Take a look at all the fun we had!

Science Day 2022 in Garrido Class -

After enjoying the Explosive Food assembly, we then went back to class to read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Our task was then to plan, design and construct a chair for Baby Bear. We used lots of cardboard, egg cartons and masking tape to build them before testing them with three different sized bears.

 Science Day 2022

Today we had a special visit from the British Institution of Science! We learned lots of new amazing things all about our bodies and how they work. We took part in some amazing experiments that included lots of flames, explosions and bangs! A fabulous afternoon had by all! Tomorrow we are making our own sunflowers to tie in with our Plants topic and we are making our own bath bombs! Ooodles of fun in Key Stage One! 

Explosive Food 


To mark British Science Week, the children were treated to an assembly with a difference today. The theme was ‘Explosive Food’ and it really did help the children to see food in a new light. The children learnt about the incredible amount of energy contained in the food that goes in their mouth and the show was packed with exciting chemistry and physics demonstrations to illustrate this. It was a thrilling and informative watch. There’ll be plenty more Science based activities happening throughout the week across school so watch this space for more details.  

Bly Class

The children in Bly class have enjoyed some science activities in our continuous provision today. They have explored our dark tent with torches and planets and talked about the planets they know the names of and how big or small they are in comparison to one another. They have explored teeth and learnt how to take care of them. They have used magnifying glasses to observe different rocks and fossils. They used microscopes to look at leaves and some fruits and vegetables closely and draw pictures of what they could see. 

The children have enjoyed making lava lamps today. They have learnt and observed how oil and water do not mix and added a fizzing tablet to their mixture to create bubbles which gives a lava lamp effect. 

We have been learning all about seeds and what they need to grow. We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then we found some magic beans in our class. We decided to plant the beans and our plan is to watch them grow and see who has the biggest beanstalk. We talked about what our beans need to grow and how we will take care of them over the next few weeks. We can't wait to plant them in our outdoor area once they are ready!!

The children have been exploring ice and what happens when it melts. Today, we looked at how ice is formed and we made our own ice cream and saw the change from a liquid to a solid. The ice cream was delicious, we really enjoyed eating it!