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Leo Lionni Class

Welcome to Leo Lionni Class

Mrs Stuchfield & Mrs Koro

Take a look at our lovely new year 2 classroom.

To investigate light and dark. The class made a prediction and then planted seeds to see where the plants would grow the healthiest.

Mental Health Week

During Internet Safety Week year 2 listened to the story of Smartie the Penguin which taught the children who to tell if they saw something online that made them feel uncomfortable. It then covered the topic of strangers online and that personal information should never be shared. The class then sorted personal information into groups.

Valentine's disco

Valentine's Parent Craft

British Values-Mutual respect (Rainbow fish, differences and similarities, what is respect)

Healthy Heads-Positive and negative feelings.

PE-catching and throwing

English sorting facts into groups.

RE-The children acted out the story of 'The feeding of the 5000', to help them understand how thankful the people were and how they could be helpful like Jesus in their own lives.

Sharing into equal groups in maths.

We are so proud of Oliver this week for being 'Star of the Week' he has shown enthusiasm and resilience in all of his learning, especially in his writing.

British Values-Individual Liberty (giraffes can't dance, we are unique, I'm free to be me)

Healthy Heads-What feelings are positive and negative. How do we want to make others feel?

PSHE-The children used role-play to act out their understanding of what privacy means and what private belongings are.

Doubling & halving in maths.

PE- Counting our body parts to work as a team.

Samuel is our 'Star of the Week; this week, for growing in confidence in all areas of school life.

PE - catching and throwing skills

PSHE - The children learnt the scientific names for the parts of the body and labelled them.

British Values- Democracy & voting

Healthy Heads- What makes a good team mate?

We couldn't miss the opportunity to play in the snow!

PE- Our lesson this week was based upon trust, the children worked in pairs to guide their partner across obstacles carefully giving them directions and encouragement.

We followed instructions today to make sandwiches, this will help us write our own instructions next week.

Using coins to make amounts

Practising using the features of instructional text.

The children have been using the 'Mighty Writer' board to make silly instructions using time words and bossy verbs.

Healthy Heads- Why am I special? Thinking about others

We visited the Planetarium today, watched a story about a dog visiting the moon and learnt a lot about space.

In History we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and sequencing the key events in her life.

In maths we have been learning about money and buying items from our class shop with the correct coins.

In science we have been learning about fruit and vegetables and what part of the plant they come from then sorting them into groups.

PE-Making letters with our bodies and working together as a team collaboratively to make shapes

In English the children have been acting out verbs and writing commas in a list.

In PSHE the children have been using role-play to show how parents care for babies and the children can do now that they couldn't do as a baby because they have become more independent.

To start off our new English unit for instructions. The children instructed Mrs S how to clean her teeth. It got a bit messy! The children then looked at instructional text ordered it and then acted out bossy verbs.

Making patterns with 2D & 3D shapes.

Sorting 2D & 3D shapes.

The values 'star of the week for empathy' is Kewin for being so kind to everyone and helping people when they are feeling sad.

Donkey Fun!

Christmas party!

Waterproof Investigation

Enoch is the star of the week this week, for settling into our class amazingly and building his confidence.

This week in English we have been reading the book 'Where Bjorn belongs', writing letters to Father Christmas, writing facts about the Arctic, writing instructions on how to keep Bjorn cold and using role-play to describe why Bjorn needs to go back to the Arctic.

The children were amazing in the Christmas Nativity.

Christmas lunch and a dance.

Christmas pantomime!

Lionni Class had a Christmas story time from Lancashire Libraries.

The children have been learning about personal space in PSHE and who to tell if they feel uncomfortable about something. They also practised being assertive and saying no, please don't do that!

In art the children have been creating maps.

Johnathon is our star of the week for settling into our class and always having a smile on his face.

Ellie is also the star of the week for trying her best and having a super, enthusiastic attitude to learning.

Learning about the properties of 2D & 3D shapes.