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OUTSTANDING Year 6 SATs results 2016

Congratulations to our Year 6 children 2016 for their fabulous SATs results.  Despite the additional challenge of the New Curriculum and huge changes to the assessment system and style of testing, our children, teachers and parents worked incredibly hard to ensure that children were not deterred.  Their confidence, determination and commitment was truly awesome and a fantastic example to set for the rest of the school.  The results are important – but even more so is the boost to the self-belief and self-satisfaction that our children have taken with them to their new high schools – knowing that hard work pays off and that if they put their minds to it they are capable of anything! smileyno


Subject St Mary's School National
Reading 79% 66%
Writing 83% 74%
Maths 89% 70%

Spelling, Punctuation

& Grammar

89% 72%

Reading, Writing and

Maths Combined

79% 53%


For information on whole school results, please see SATs and WHOLE SCHOOL Results under the heading 'Key Information'.