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A letter full of compliments

A huge well done to our Year 4 Einstein class!  They recently went on a class trip to the Dungeons at Blackpool Tower as part of their topic learning focus.  Their mode of transport was our public tram service.  As always we expect that our children represent our school by ensuring that our standards for good behaviour are reflected beyond school at all times.  The children not only behaved impeccably, as noted by all of the adults who accompanied them, but received acknowledgement from two members of the public who felt so strongly they put pen to paper and wrote the following letter:


Dear St Mary's School,


I just felt the need to write and let you know how lovely it was on Thursday 9th November to be in the company of some wonderful children from your school.  They were very well-presented and very well-mannered and it was great to hear all the things they were talking about to us. 


People are very quick nowadays to judge young people, but these children are a credit to your school, their teacher and our community.  They made our tram journey very enjoyable.


Yours faithfully,


Mr and Mrs Crompton